Angie and Matt’s Big Adventure – Day 9

In hindsight, Matt and I should have expected that the ride up 101 on a Sunday would be something of slog.  It is the Oregon Coast and it was the end of the weekend, so RV dodging was the theme of the ride between Coos Bay and Astoria.  The Oregon Coast continues to be a beautiful thing and I never really tire of seeing it.  Since we were riding quite a few miles Matt and I made a promise to take a break at least each hour.

We stopped in Lincoln City for lunch at this cute little open air cafe/gift shop, where I picked up a tiger cowry shell.

Since it was father’s day we took the opportunity to call our Dads.  And then back on the road, to catch up with and pass once more all the RV’s we passed to get there.  Sigh.  And then Matt had a fabulous idea…  The Tillamook Creamery. (cue angels singing) Hey, we need to keep our strength up for all this riding!

The rest of the trip to Astoria was fairly uneventful.  We did get a nice upgrade on our room at the Best Western.  The desk clerk took pity on our bedraggled state and gave us a jacuzzi suite!  Woot Woot!  By far the nicest room we stayed in on the trip.

We dropped our things and struck out on a 1.7 mile walk to Fort George Brewery for dinner.  Not the best food or service in the world, but the beer was top notch.