Angie and Matt’s Big Adventure – Day 2 (continutation of the Iron Butt)

Morning dawned in Yakima and we promptly left.  I’m sure it’s a great town, but we have places to be, like John Day, OR.  So off on the road we went.  So far the scooter has performed swimmingly, and it gets a lot of attention, which is always funny.  One down side is the gas tank is only about 3.2 gallons, so we stop to fuel up about every three hours or so.

I also learned today that my scooter is part mountain goat.  During one of our many confusing moments ala Garmin, Matt decided to turn, more confusingly, in a no turning zone.  So I followed, but realized a little to late I had taken the turn a little to wide and there was 4 inch curb about to meet my front wheels.  Well my scoot ate that curb for breakfast.  One of the wheels jumped it and to my horror I road half on the road half on the rocky median for a few feet before I finally got things back under control.  I’m sure I was a picture of riding grace.  Matt was impressed I didn’t dump the bike.  We stopped for lunch soon after and learned we needed to make alternate arrangements for lodging in John Day, since the Best Western and every other hotel of good repute was booked.  We were a little dubious about the quality of America’s Best Value Inn.  And rightfully so.  See Matt’s sad face below.

This hotel is so creepy it comes with its own Alfred Hitchcock silhouette.

IMG_0010I briefly consider burning the place down, but Matt convinces me to conserve the fuel for the road.  Kidding!

Well after two days of iron butt riding I am rebelling.  I have demanded that we stay at a hot springs that’s about 80 miles away.  So that is where we are off to tomorrow.