Loved One

I love my wife dearly, but there’s just this one thing I can’t stand about her.  It’s her incessant need for…  You don’t think I’m stupid do you?  I’d be killed, murdered, whatever fit into her wild imagination.

How We Met

It was a cold and stormy night.  Suddenly there was a knock at the door.  I rushed to see who it could be at this ungodly hour.  Alas, it was sweet Hector.  Sweet, sweet Hector, arrived with my toast… er… let me start this again.

How We Met…For Real This Time

Once upon a time in a galaxy not so far away there was a book store chain named Crown Books.  Like nearly all bookstore chains it is no more thanks to the Internet and Amazon. We met at work, started dating after I began managing a different store, and ultimately got married after a fateful March Of Dimes walk in Chicago.

When Did You Get Married Citizen Rubschlager?

Angie and I were married on a glorious day in May.  May 22, 1999 to be precise.  We wanted a few wonderful months together before the world ended on December 31, 1999. The world didn’t end or turn into some apocalyptic wasteland. I attribute that to our Y2K compliant marriage.

Tell Us About This Marriage Day

It was a cold and stormy night…  er… sorry, again.  We joined our souls at Prince of Peace Lutheran church in Palatine.  Shortly there after we celebrated our union at Chateau Rand in DesPlains.  Stax-O-Wax was the presiding music masters. 

Note: Reading and revising this 20+ years on, the only thing left from the above is the church.