Home sweet home, if only for a little while

Back in Portland and everything is right with the world.

Day 4


After surviving a creepy night at the Bates Motel wannabe, I woke early and hit the road at the earliest time yet (7:45AM).  It was only 35-ish degrees when I pulled out and started my trip and I was quickly finding myself shivering despite my many layers.  Even as the temperature rose into the 50’s burning off the shiver was tough.

I made great time through some lovely scenery.  Often times, much like yesterday, I was the only one on the road for miles.  As I got closer to Prineville and Madras I had a vehicle far in front of me and far behind me.

Not to be out done by Idaho and Nevada, Oregon decided to throw some wind my way.  On the approach to the Mt. Hood National Forest the wind was wicked strong.  It felt much like my first day on the interstate.  I muscled through it as best as I could, but what a work out.

I was worried that the wind my give me grief when I got up into elevation as I made my way around the mountain.  Much to my relief it wasn’t too bad.

Being home felt good, but it was a bit shallow knowing that tonight would essentially be yet another single night stop over in this journey.  We fly out early tomorrow morning so tonight was spent doing much needed laundry, taking the birds to bird camp, and packing.

I’m a bit bummed that I didn’t make it all the way out to Chicago by motorcycle, but the most important lesson about motorcycling safely is knowing your own limitations.  I knew that if I pressed on, this early in the season, that there was a good chance I’d be miserable.  If I was miserable I wouldn’t be as in tune to the road, and that could spell disaster.

Next time I will leave more time for this journey.  I will also plan it when the seasons aren’t fighting for dominance.