After Completing

Wow, so I’d forgotten just how “fun” running 26.2 miles could be. Yes, I’m proud of the achievement. Yes, I’m glad that I did do it. Yes, looking back I am fond of the memory. Will I be running in another? Probably not in the near future. The main reason is that it eats up so much fo the summer and doesn’t leave time for other fun things. Once the blister I earned on my foot clears up I’ll try and keep up the weeknight distances and stair step 6, 8, 10, 12 miles on the weekends. Time will tell if I can keep that up, so fingers crossed.

And now for the most important, and likely common question: How fast? Well, I didn’t quite meet my goal that I set forth with last night’s post. There are a number of reasons that just sound like me whining so I’ll save you the cheese run. The un-official time is 4:25 and some seconds. I’ll post the time in the “Sports” page at the top or right once I get the official time — which is very likely to be the same. The take away for me is that I completed, and I have a new course PR (Personal Record) so there.

I’ve included some pictures from today’s festivities that my friend Sam of Samuel Lee Photography (link at right) took:

The Runner
The Family
Marathon Love