Night Before

It is the night before the marathon and all through the hotel room not a creature was stirring — which is good for the astronomical amount we’re paying for this room.

The weather tomorrow is supposed to be frigid in the morning. But I shouldn’t be complaining because after a few miles I’ll warm up and everything will be just right. I’m anxious to begin the run and comfortable that the past months of training will enable me to land somewhere near my goal barring unforeseen circumstances. I’m hoping to land somewhere in the 4:00-4:15 bracket and the variables outside of my control seem to be setting up well to obtain that.

I haven’t told many people this, but I’ve chosen to run this year to celebrate the memory of my Dad who passed away about this time last year. While I was training to run the 2009 Chicago Marathon he would tell me that I was crazy for doing that. During the race that year my Sister gave him some pictures of me during and after the event. I learned from the staff at his adult care that he carried those pictures around with him for months afterwards to show off. After the 2010 Portland Marathon I hadn’t really planned on running in another, but after his passing last year I decided to dedicate the months of training and the race to him. Dad, I love you and miss you.