Angie and Matt’s Big Adventure – Day 10

10 days.  We’ve been riding everyday for 10 days and we are kind of done.  The great thing about Astoria is that it is:

  • a cool town
  • has stuff to do and a Brewery
  • and is close enough to home to make an earlyish end to the trip viable.

So that is what we decided.  Let’s go home, get some stuff done around the house and relax a little.  But first, we wanted to check out the Oregon Film museum, which is purported to have a Goonies exhibit.  And who doesn’t like the Goonies!   So off we went to find the museum.  Hot travel tip!  Just skip this if you are in Astoria, what a giant waste of money and time.  It cost $4 a person to get into what amounts to a 30×30 room (The museum is housed in what used to be an old jail).  The Goonies exhibit consisted of a lot of cardboard standing cut outs and a few real and recreated props from the movie.  And part of the actual movie set where one scene was filmed.  The rest of the place was being reconstructed to create movie sets where people can apparently come in and shoot scenes from movies and then edit them, etc.  It was a serious disappointment.  Oregon is the backdrop for a lot a movies, but actual interpretive information was a bit scarce and the place was seriously cramped.  So we spent a total of about 10 minutes and then hit road.

Really! FTLOG!

Just over the bridge into Washington we ran across this little vista point.  How could we not stop?!

And then the long ride home.  We pulled into our driveway just in time for dinner.  So good to be home!

Our trusty steeds, back in the stable.