Angie and Matt’s Big Adventure – Day 8 (resumption of the iron butt)

After 8 days of riding we are heading back towards home to the north.  I do love the coastline between Crescent City and Port Orford.  Today’s ride from Arcata to Coos Bay, Oregon was pretty darn long and we really weren’t taking the breaks we should have.  As evidenced by the increasing attractive red mark on my forehead from what is turning out to be an ill-fitting helmet.  But it is good to be back in Oregon again.  Or at least it was until she started smacking us around with the wind, pissing rain on us and throwing some coastal fog in our path.  Thanks a lot Oregon!  On the plus side, the bikes are cleaner!  But we were colder and wetter.  We pulled into the hotel, checked-in, and hopped into the hot tub in 6.5 seconds.  Never has a hot tub been more welcome!  We also found a great Italian restaurant in Coos Bay of all places.  We are going to head to Astoria tomorrow, another long ride, but from there we can either continue up the Washington Coast, or head for home