Angie and Matt’s Big Adventure – Day 6 and 7

What to say about day 6.  Well for one, there are no pictures.  There could have been pictures, but our quest to find Lassen was sort of a failure.  We were looking for the visitors center, which is supposed to be off Rte 36.  Find it we did not, and by the time we realized that we would need to turn around, well… I hate backtracking.  Really, I can’t stand it.  So we decided to soldier on to Redding and return to Lassen when we were less annoyed with Garmin.  Speaking of Garmin, I mean really this GPS is on drugs or something.  It likes to route us onto some country lanes, which can and have been super fun to ride.  But the first turn off today, was clearly on a private ranch road which was well gated, so we skipped it.  The second turn off however was a winding and bumpy country lane, which actually turned out to be hysterical to ride.  Here is what I have learned on this trip about the type of rider I am.  You can keep your twisty, narrow mountain roads with no guardrails.  I like my roads wide and winding, with plenty of shoulder and some freaking guard rails next to the high bits.  So anyhoo, we rode straight into Redding, Matt took his call, and we rode straight to Chipotle.  Now I’m not saying that we went to Redding for the Chipotle, but I’m not saying we didn’t either.

Day 7 had us riding to Arcata via route 299 on a recommendation from a bicyclist we met in Susanville.  I was well pleased with the 299, wide and winding and perfect for the day.  The heat of the I5 corridor followed us most of the way on 299, so we made some more frequent rest stops.  My scooter continues to be an object of interest.  This time posing for pictures.

When the heat finally broke, we had about 30 miles to ride into Arcata and once we got there we were confronted with one of the nicest hotel rooms we have had on the trip complete with jacuzzi tub and a fresh remote.  Seriously, what are people doing with the remotes in this place, that make a fresh remote an amenity?  Creepy.