Angie and Matt’s Big Adventure – Day 5

Who new the Best Western in Lakeview would have memory foam mattresses!  I might have to rethink my opinion of them as basically creepy.  So the ride to Susanville started out on roads we have traveled before.  Still beautiful, as only southern Oregon and Northern California can be, but we have been down this road so we decided to take a different route and were the better for it.  395 is home to many a suicidal gopher.  I don’t get what they are thinking in their little gopher heads, but there is a 50% chance that a gopher will run out in front of you or run back to the side of the road.  Crazy little critters!  Our alternate route took us higher in the hills and pine stands of Modoc National Forest.  The road wasn’t in pristine condition, but the warm pine-scented air more than made up for having to dodge the rough patches and tar snakes.

Matt and I stopped on the side of the road about 30 miles outside Susanville to devour some apples we bought in Oregon and take some pictures of the range land.

Susanville was HOT!  But Matt and decided to walk into town anyway and see what was to be seen.  Well, the Best Western map was, shall we say, NOT to scale.  We walked at least 2 miles into the historic down town, which I think is historic because their used to be something open there.  On a wing and prayer we followed signs to the historic train depot museum, hoping that would be open, and bless them they were.  The curator took pity on us and gave us both some water and left us alone to explore the interpretive displays.  Refreshed we left there, walked to our dinner restaurant and back to the hotel.  Not having had enough physical activity for one day, and hoping that air conditioning did exist in this town, we ran across the street for some bowling and called it quits after two games on mostly malfunctioning lanes with no A/C.

Tomorrow we will look into the Lassen National Monument.  A check with the locals confirmed that the roads are still closed at the higher elevations, but we should be able to get to the visitors center and the sulphur works provided we can find them. We’ve learned that the NPS doesn’t necessarily believe in signage of a readable size.  Matt has a work thing at 1pm so we will need cell reception by then.