Angie and Matt’s Big Adventure – Day 1

So despite all intentions to the contrary, Matt and I didn’t leave the house until about noon.  This can be attributed to several things.  Poor prep, lack of sleep, alignment of the stars and such, but really, we were just being lazy.  Matt set our goal as Yakima, so off we went to Issaquah to have our traditional leaving on a road trip lunch at Chipotle.  Because its so yummy.

From Issaquah we snaked up 203 and took route 2 over the cascades.  Not sure how high we got, but there were some impressive snow banks and melt waterfalls; the road was bone dry and there was little traffic.  Once we got over Stevens Pass the real crown jewel of route 2 was the Wenatchee River white water.  That was truly impressive and we would have stopped to take a picture, but a still shot would not have done this justice.  It was intimidating.

Other highlights of the day:

Leavenworth, a town trying desperately to be German.  We didn’t stop, but we did giggle.  I hear it’s lovely at Christmas.

Yakima River Canyon Scenic Byway:  Matt and stopped in Ellensburg for dinner at about 1800.  We were dead tired and considering skipping this byway.  I’m glad we didn’t.  It’s was a serene end to the day, with the sun setting to the west and a calm river running at our side.

Tomorrow: John Day, Oregon