Carrots and Onions

In the past two years I have gained something I have wanted since my married life began.  Land.  Not a lot of land.  In fact it is less than a quarter acre, but enough to satisfy my deep seated need to play in the dirt and grow things.  Shortly after we moved into our current house, with its blank slate backyard, we paid a high-end landscaper a lot of money to transform it into a grass free paradise complete with gravel paths.  Some days I cringe at the money we spent, but most days I’m thrilled.  My plan for this space has always been and continues to be “benign neglect.”  It is a mixture of flowers and structural plants with food crops inter-planted.  No plant lasts long that requires a lot of extra care.  I don’t have time for that.  This brings us to Carrots and Onions.  Carrots grow like gangbusters.  See the harvests from the past couple of years.

Onions, not so much!  Sigh…  At least they do better than Brussel Sprouts.  Those don’t even rate a picture.