Day 5 – Free day!

Today was our last full day in Sydney so we spent most of it wrapping up the last few places we wanted to hit before departing for Melbourne on Monday. Started the day just like the days before with breakfast at the hotel. Turns out that we've been eating the "full" breakfast all along so [...]

Day 4 – Terrorizing the fauna

Finally had some access to wifi today at Starbucks. The one at the hotel is charging an ungodly amount for an hours worth and it isn't clear how many devices can attach for that time period. So we've been war walking to locate wifi. Nearly all of the wifi requires some sort of purchase and [...]

Day 3 – Off to Bundeena

Vegemite isn't very good. I tried some with breakfast this morning and was not pleased. I might try some again later, but I'm really going to need to talk myself into it. It tastes like soy sauce, and that is not something I want to taste on any of my breakfast foods unless it is [...]

Day 1.5 – Can we sleep yet?

November 19th, 2014, didn't really exist for Angie and I.  We departed LAX before midnight on the 18th, and we landed in Sydney on November 20th.  This day was sucked into the void never to be heard from again. However, I can share that spending fourteen hours on a airplane is akin to cruel and [...]