The open road beckons

It's been a long, long time.  The one-off commutes between Portland and Seattle will pale in comparison.  The wandering tours around the Pacific Northwest will become short jaunts.  I've decided to take the motorcycle on a round trip tour back home to Chicago from Portland. This most certainly won't be easy.  I'll be pushing mileage [...]

Day 8 – Free day part deux

Today was our last full day in Melbourne. We wandered around the city today. Our plan was roughly check out some sites, learn some history, and begin to mentally prepare ourselves for the massive flights ahead of us. After breakfast we headed out towards the Old Treasury where gold which was being mined in around [...]

Day 7 – Penguins

Today was the last of the planned excursions. We started the day with a quick breakfast at the hotel and wandered around the complex a bit while we were waiting for our transportation. It really is like Las Vegas with its miles of passage ways and each of those littered with stuff to purchase. Not [...]

Day 6 – Off to Melbourne

Off to Melbourne today! We ate our hotel provided breakfast and Angie went downstairs ahead of me to arrange transportation to the airport with the concierge in yet another exercise in frustration of that hotel stay. The individual at the concierge desk made a phone call to the one shuttle firm they use to which [...]