2013 Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon After

I want to dedicate the run today to all the folks in Boston who were impacted by the violence. The race coordinators asked for a moment of silence before the race began that was very touching. It kept me going towards the end when I was running out of energy. The course was magnificent. Winding […]

2013 Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon

I find myself asking “why not” of a number of 1/2 marathons here in the Portland area. The Rock and Roll, the Helvetia Half, and I’m sure I can dig up a couple others as the season progresses. After coming off of the Chicago Marathon last year I kept up the weekly mileage and repeated […]

After Completing

Wow, so I’d forgotten just how “fun” running 26.2 miles could be. Yes, I’m proud of the achievement. Yes, I’m glad that I did do it. Yes, looking back I am fond of the memory. Will I be running in another? Probably not in the near future. The main reason is that it eats up […]

Night Before

It is the night before the marathon and all through the hotel room not a creature was stirring — which is good for the astronomical amount we’re paying for this room. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be frigid in the morning. But I shouldn’t be complaining because after a few miles I’ll warm up […]

Almost Here and After

I received my marathon packet in the mail this week from the Chicago Marathon. That plus my recent twenty mile training run really drove the point home. Up until now I’d been just going through the motions of training. With the arrival of the packet with my bib number it has suddenly clicked and become […]