Wandering Around The West – Day 2

Day two started out with a disaster.  But first allow me to employe the plot device that drives me insane.  A couple of hours earlier we’d eaten breakfast at a restaurant not on the main drag in Bend called The Breakfast Club.  There we had a hardy breakfast that actually got us through lunch. After […]

Wandering Around The West – Day 1

Today was the easy day.  I pretty much knew that we’d end up in Bend, Oregon, on the first night.  There were thoughts of going north to the Olympic Peninsula, then up into Canada, but ultimately I didn’t want to run into cool/wet weather after experiencing it for the past several weeks. We left in […]

Long Mini Trip

I’ve previously posted about taking a long trip on the motorcycle.  I figure that the week immediately following my upcoming half-marathon would probably be the week, if any, that I could do such a thing this summer.  The rest of the weeks would be full of running nonsense that would make the trip untenable.  Angie, […]

Long Way Round

One of Angie’s co-workers pointed us at the DVD for Long Way Round which details Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s preparations and journey from England through Russia, down through Alaska and Canada, finally ending up in New York.  For any motorcycle rider the story is simply amazing as they travel on unpaved, barely existent roads […]

Germanification of Vehicles

I’ve had my trusty Harley Sportster for since 2005.  It’s my first motorcycle.  It’s led me through good times and bad times.  I remember riding out of the dealership in IL without my motorcycle endorsement, no riding glasses, no jacket.  I rode the motorcycle around and around the block getting a feel for how it […]