Day 8 – Arcata to Coos Bay

Back to the hard miles as we make our way back north.  The big prize today was the miles between Crescent City and Brookings.  That was the lone stretch of US Route 101 that we didn’t do in our rides last year so it felt good to get that taken care of.  So now we […]

Day 7 – Redding to Arcata

Today could have turned out horrible.  When we were in Susanville a cyclist that we’d met at the hotel had told us about CA Route 299.  I hadn’t really planned on coming out to the coast mainly because we’ve ridden most of it already and the weather can be a bit flaky.  However, there is […]

Day 6 – Susanville to Redding

We had planned another short riding day to give ourselves a break.  Our plan was to leave Susanville and stop at the Lassen Volcanic Monument to check out the visitor’s center and maybe swing by the sulfur springs.  After that we’d head into Redding and call it a day. The volcanic gods wanted to keep […]

Day 5 – Lakeview to Susanville

We awoke in Lakeview to the sound of trucks rumbling past our hotel window.  We went to bed knowing that we were in a corner room closest to the intersection so it wasn’t a complete surprise.  The thing that was a surprise was just how comfortable the Tempurpedic mattress was.  When we were looking for […]

Day 4 – Crane to Lakeview

“Now wait a minute,” you may be asking yourself.  “This route isn’t southeast into Nevada.  This route looks to be headed southwest into California.”  Right  you are my astute map readers.  The same band of roving merry makers that had settled in John Day had moved their silliness to Winnemucca.  Every hotel that we looked […]