New iPhone!

Finally that day arrived and the iPhone 4S that I ordered showed up.  Prior to today both Angie and I had been s..l..o..w..l..y using our iPhone 3g phones (ack!).  We learned what patience really meant as our apps would take seemingly minutes to open up.  Ultimately resorting to disabling Spotlight Searching, Location Services, and nearly […]


Abodes have changed again.  I’ve taken a new position with the same organization, but it’s necessitated a move up to Washington State into the Seattle area.  We’ve only been here a short while now, but differences are easily apparent. Driving is one of the first things that I noticed immediately.  Those reading this who are […]

Mutant Pig Man

OK, so not a mutant pig man, but still a pretty fun story. I’d opened the windows to get some fresh air in the house shortly before Angie had come home from class.  We were sitting on the couch in the family room talking when we heard a splashing noise.  It was the splashing noise […]

Clover Coffee

This post is very overdue.  Back at the beginning of March I traveled up to Seattle on business.  While up there my co-worker introduced me to heaven in a cup.  I don’t really know the whole story behind how it ended up at Starbucks, but it is wonderful.  Unfortunately the only Clover machine that was […]

Motorcycle Camping

Angie and I just finished a wonderful weekend of motorcycle camping up at Stubb Stewart State Park. It was a wonderful bear-free adventure that I’m hoping will just be one of many motorcycle camping trips. The worst part of the trip was the sleeping arrangements. We’d forgotten that we had inflateable pillows so we were […]