Hobson’s Choice

A Hobson's choice is a free choice in which only one option is offered, and one may refuse to take that option. The choice is therefore between taking the option or not taking it, colloquially formulated as "take it or leave it." The phrase "Hobson's choice" is said to originate from Thomas Hobson (1544–1630), a [...]

Carrots and Onions

In the past two years I have gained something I have wanted since my married life began.  Land.  Not a lot of land.  In fact it is less than a quarter acre, but enough to satisfy my deep seated need to play in the dirt and grow things.  Shortly after we moved into our current [...]


So... Right. I have been bugging my tech support, aka Matt, for blogging software for some time. Actually, I bugged him once for it and it has been sitting here just begging to be utilized. So this my blog. At best a Doogie Howserish record of my life and at worst an itinerant record of [...]