Day 6 – Bunyip Tour and Penguin Parade

Today we are doing a more traditional wildlife tour in wildlife parks and conservation centers on Philip Island.  The one true wild experience will be the penguin parade.    So we wasted time in the morning until we had to meet our tour bus at 10:40. Our tour bus driver was Graham, and he came with […]

Day 5 – Off To Melbourne

We are off to Melbourne today.  We really won’t miss the Menzies hotel, and we wouldn’t stay there again.  Pros: good location, comfortable bed. Cons: so many, where to start.. The room never got cool, it was worn out, a little grungy in spots, the furniture had seen better days, and the bathroom was bizarre. […]

Day 4 – Wandering Around

Day 4 in Sydney was a free day, no tours scheduled, just Matt and I wandering around with no pressing goals.  We got up and headed to The Rocks, which is an older area of Sydney that has a weekend market much like Portland.  Portland’s market is considerably bigger, but Sydney’s market had better stuff, […]

Day 3 – Wildlife Tours

One of the goals of this trip was the opportunity to see budgies in the wild. We haven’t. But we have seen a ton of wildlife. Today we went on a wildlife tour run by Boutique Tours Australia. As opposed to a giant bus traveling through a wildlife park, this tour was small, just ten […]

Day 1 – 24 Hours On a Plane

I suppose I chose to ignore the basic fact that getting to Australia, by the fastest means possible, would take about an entire day. It did. It was unhelpful that the Delta flight we were originally booked on had mechanical problems. Note to self, when the plane has to go visit the “garage” before departure, […]